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Check out what happened at the Open Science Retreat 2023! 🤩

Published 12 months ago • 4 min read

The Open Science Retreat I had been planning for months finally took place and it was awesome. Let me tell you about the highlights.

On the first day I was way to nervous to enjoy myself, but everyone was so kind that I soon relaxed and started marveling about the fact that these enthusiastic and fascinating people were here to participate in an event I had come up with. Isn't that just crazy? 🥹

Read here how we (Tieu-Binh, the CASUS Scultetus Center and I) organised the event.

Btw. I got really sick after the event. I assume my body needed some rest after being nervous and hyped during the weeks before the retreat. But just so you know why you are receiving my newsletter at an unusal time. 🤷‍♀️

So let me tell you what we did. We had unconference topic groups. Each group autonomously worked on their topics during the allotted time slots and presented their outcomes at the end of the week. The topics were:

Beyond the unconference topics, we had a career workshop and career coaching session. And – as this was a retreat – time for walks, runs, yoga, chats, or enjoying the view. The walks in particular led to many one-on-one conversations between participants about all kinds of open science and career related topics. We did not have any shortage on social fun either: playing lego, movie night, drinks in the castle, slide karaoke night, and even a little dancing and singing. And the food, it was gooooood. Let me share just a few impressions...

Some impressions from the community:

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Eduarda Zampieri
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April 3rd 2023
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Alexander Schniedermann
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April 4th 2023
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Rachel Heyard
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April 12th 2023
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Harini Lakshminarayanan
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April 6th 2023

Open science brings together different specialists and amateurs from all fields to think together in the same direction which is a very powerful way to generate new ideas, adopt original perspectives and innovate, i.e. what science and knowledge production are about.

Thanks to everyone for making this event a success! I feel so honored that you all came and enjoyed the time with you tremendously ❤️.

Thanks to the retreat participants also for looking over this post and making it even better.

All the best,


P.S. I am starting to get more requests for Open Science trainings than I can do by myself and I need your help. Interested in joining me part time or on freelance basis? Get in touch! Let me know why you are interested and what you can bring to the team 🙌


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