How do people become leaders in research? Do they go through a leadership training program? Usually no. I think that we should change that!

At the OILS conference last year that I was a panelist on the panel "Careers in Open Science" and during the panel we noticed that all except one of the panelists had been in the Mozilla Open Leaders program. We had become leaders in many different ways and on all kinds of different projects, but we had received the same leadership training. What made this leaders program so successful? Was Mozilla just really good at picking the right people for the program? Did the prospective leaders self-select themselves into this community? Or was the program just really good at teaching us the skills we needed to become leaders in our fields?

I honestly don't know, but it makes me think: Do we need leadership training for other leaders in research, too?

I think the answer must be: Of course!

Together with trainers of the Digital Research Academy, we are thinking about the types of training we'd like to offer. Teaching leaders how to be good and open leaders is for sure one of the things we want to prioritize.

Interested in training from the Digital Research Academy?

Organisations and teams can book an individual training or get a great deal via a membership.

Some examples of potential courses are:

  • Open Collaborative Teams: Forming teams, Principles of agile methodology, Scrum basics, Coaching, Mentoring, Leadership styles.
  • Knowledge management in the lab: Roles and responsibilities in research, on/off boarding of team members.
  • Making good research practices the norm in your research team: Ingredients for reproducible research in research teams, ingredients for successful teamwork, roles and guidelines.
  • Inclusive Project Management: Basics of Project Management (Project Management Institute) with emphasis on collaborative aspects, Cultural Intelligence.

What other topics would you like to see? Do any of these sound interesting to you? I'd be really interested in hearing from you!

Before I end this post, let me leave you with a recommendation on a wonderful leadership mentoring program that is based on the Mozilla Open Leaders program: OLS

Check it out! They're cool 😎

All the best,


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