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Open Innovation in Life Sciences (OILS) is an ECR driven association based out of Zurich. OILS helps researchers understand what Open Science is, and how to practise and promote Open Science in their research.

Today I want to share with you, why this organisation is so interesting for both life scientists as well as others. This not a sponsored post, but I am an advisory board member of OILS (volunteer basis), just so you know my connection to this πŸ˜‰. Also thanks goes to Harini Lakshminarayanan from the OILS team for helping me write this post.

OILS started off with a conference and the need to keep the knowledge about how to organise it alife amongst an ever changing group of early career researchers (ECRs). The association has been around since 2020 and not only is the now annual conference a big success, but also other events and workshops are born out of OILS these days. One shining example was the recent digital health hackathon OpSciHack.

What's particular and interesting to me is, that OILS members see their involvement in OILS as a great way to boost their CV, make valuable connections, and learn skills they may need in their next career steps (like project management). So to them, Open Science work is not only something they believe in, but something that helps their career. And I think they're right!

I think initiatives like OILS are very much needed in our research landscape and if you want to learn from them how it's done, reach out to them!

You can of course also reach out to them, if you are curious to know more about them or would like to join OILS. πŸ™Œ

6th Annual Open Innovation in Life Sciences conference (#OILS23)

Of course, I also need to share that the next conference is coming up soon.


26th - 27th October 2023

A hybrid conference with talks, interactive workshops, pitches, networking, and more.

Use discount code Heidiscommunity_50 at registration to receive a 50% discount!

Participate in this hybrid format conference to virtually delve into the world of open science and its challenges and success stories on the Innovation Day, plus a dynamic program tailored to enhance your professional journey on Career Day. Join us for the in-person networking aperΓ³ to meet other participants, speakers and the entire conference planning team.

Master students can attend the virtual conference entirely for free! Just provide the student details during the registration and join the discussion on open science and innovation.

​Submit your abstract and Pitch your innovative ideas at OILS23. This year, the best pitch will receive a Nikon Camera Kit Z50! This is a great chance to practice your speaking skills and get feedback on your start up. Your next collaborator could be in the audience.

Readers of this newsletter are in luck as you receive a discount code 🀩. Type Heidiscommunity_50 at registration to receive a 50% discount. Thanks to the OILS team for handing out this discount. FYI: I don't receive anything for promoting this event, but I will be there and would love to see you all. 🫢

Thanks for reading and all the best,



P.S. please forward this newsletter post to anyone who might be interested in attending the OILS23 conference!

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